Why is Seiko called Tuna?

Why is Seiko called Tuna?

Why is Seiko called Tuna? Seiko has many watches which are named after their designs. Most of the time, Seiko utilizes such strategies to make an emotional attachment with a model. This is why there are many watches nicknamed for a better impression.

Seiko tuna is also nicknamed for its design. The watch was initially released in 1975 and then continued to debut under nicknames: grandfather tuna, emperor tuna, and so on.

These watches were called so because the watch’s design is a bulky cylindrical tuna can. The case is covered with a solid tuna can-shaped material to protect the watch and accuracy. The watch was designed for divers and gives an association; if you look at the watch from the top, it would be much identical to a fish tuna can.

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