Why is Omega Swatch so cheap?

Why is Omega Swatch so cheap?

Why is Omega Swatch so cheap? The parent company of Omega, Swatch, opted to work with the renowned Moonwatch brand to create a significantly less expensive replica of its Apollo 11-rated watch. The MoonSwatch is the result of the two companies working together.

The MoonSwatch is only $260 and appears almost identical to the actual swatch omega moonwatch, but it doesn’t cost over $6,000.

Talking about Why is Omega Swatch so cheap? The Omega MoonSwatch uses a quartz movement rather than the company’s hand-winded mechanism. A precise quartz movement from Swatch is far less fascinating than even a detailed automatic movement.

Still, it does possess all of the same chronograph features as the authentic Moonwatch and is far less expensive.
The casing of Swatch’s made with “Bioceramic” material rather than Omega’s customary stainless steel, which was another way that Swatch and Omega were able to reduce costs.

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