Why G-Shock watches have tiny antennas?

Why G-Shock watches have tiny antennas?

Why G-Shock watches have tiny antennas? A tiny antenna that is integrated receives standard time radio waves with sensitivity and instantly corrects the time. Together with the sturdiness necessary to withstand rigorous treatment in the harshest environments, dependability that permits consistent radio wave reception from any of six stations globally is attained. A tiny antenna is built into every radio-controlled G-SHOCK casio watches for men, allowing for timekeeping via radio signal reception.

It goes without saying that radio-controlled timepieces have benefits. G-SHOCK watches automatically show the precise local time once they have been configured for the appropriate time zone. Nearly all of Europe is covered by the radio signals they receive, and many models also operate in North America, including parts of Canada and Mexico, in addition to Japan and China. The conversion from daylight savings to standard time is likewise fully automatic across Europe.

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