Why are Yeezy foam runners so expensive?

Why are Yeezy foam runners so expensive?

Why are Yeezy foam runners so expensive? Yeezy is a brand that started from fashion apparel and went to footwear. It is a brand of luxury items as well as affordable. But the quality consideration in all the products is 100% best than any other brand.

This is why whenever any pair releases from Yeezy, it becomes hard to get without reselling prices. This is why Yeezy foam runners are also in the race for expensiveness and affordability. For instance, consider Yeezy foam rnr onyx which costs 90$ as a retail price.

If you look at the resell price of this sneaker, it falls somewhere between 150 to 200$! Which is becoming unacceptable for many sneaker heads. The reason behind such increment is trend making.

So talking about Why are Yeezy foam runners so expensive? As initially, these foam runners were not popular. But now they are harder to get even at this reselling price. But to join the trend stream and looking at the perks of sneaker, it might be digestible to get this pair at such higher cost. Suppose you look at the material used in these sneakers. The blending of EVA with algae which is not commonly grown on farms, costs this price.

Also, at the level of durability and comfort it offers, it considerably becomes a better option than other foam sneakers.

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