Why are dunks called posters

Why are dunks called posters

Why are dunks called posters A basketball play in which an attacking player “dunks” over an opposing player in a magnificent and athletic space that justifies repetition in a printed poster is called “Posterized.” This term comes from North American slang.

Posterized is also used in business writing and infrequently used to describe similar sporting occurrences in other sports.

Nike dunks are called posters in reference to the idea of a player “posting up” or dominating an opponent with a dunk, in the same way that a poster dominates a wall with its image. Additionally, the term “posterize” is often used to describe a dunk that is so impressive that it could be hung up on a wall like a poster. This association between dunks and posters has led to the use of the term “poster” to refer to shoes worn by players who are known for their dunking ability.

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