Which Royal Oak is the most popular?

Which Royal Oak is the most popular?

Which Royal Oak is the most popular? No brand knows which of their articles can become the brand savior and brand maker. This is what we can see with Audemars. When the company was on the verge of drowning, a watch like royal oak proved savvy! That was the first ever watch designed by Genta. The design got so popular that it was continued but with iterations.

However, a recent reference model is becoming noticeable as a cult object! People are going crazier to buy that one which is reference model 15202. If you look at the watch, it is almost identical to the original design.

It has the same dial, the same polishing and a beautiful octagonal case in silver colourway. The watch set records of popularity, and among many highly featured royal oaks, it’s still ranking as the most popular.

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