Which Jordan is the rarest?

Which Jordan is the rarest?

Which Jordan is the rarest? These collaborations caused many such pairs, which remained unsold! Basically, those sneakers were not made for the market and were called the rarest pairs to buy. For instance, a pair was designed for Kobe during his 20 years of career as an NBA player.
Jordan is a brand having deep roots in the sneaker industry. The brand is outracing and producing high competition by collaborating with other luxury brands.

The pair was named Air Jordan Kobe PE Pack and this was the rarest Jordan . Only a few were designed and distributed among close friends. They were also resold but at a greater price .

The second most rare model in Jordans is in the Air Jordan 1 colorway. It was designed by Dave white and called wings for the future. It was also released in a limited edition at higher prices.

There are many such silhouettes that are not commonly sold in the market places. For instance, a model is coming named air Jordan stadium goods. It is one of the most shocking colorway released. The sneaker is called rare as the collaboration between stadium goods, and Jordan is entering into a new era.

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