What should I pay for Jordan 11?

What should I pay for Jordan 11?
What should I pay for Jordan 11

What should I pay for Jordan 11? Being a Jordan buyer, you might be aware of the prices and their reselling values. It’s not a new moment that you are getting a pair at double price. Therefore, do not  expect your wanted pair to buy without a massive hole in the pocket.
Talking about the Jordan 11, which is one of the most anticipated models in the market. It’s not that easier to get a new pair of Jordan 11 even on reselling. For instance, air Jordan 11 cool grey was released by the end of 2021 and retailed at 225$.
The shoe soon disappeared from retail websites and stores. From the next two weeks, the sneaker jumped to 400$ and was occasionally opened for bid. So, if you are thinking of getting a pair on this day, first get your piggy bank from the market!
I’m not taunting, but the pair have now reached the reselling price of 600$ and more . So, you have to wait for another retail release to buy the pair; otherwise, reselling would burn out the wallet and keep this idea away about what should I pay for Jordan 11?.

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