What material is Ultraboost made of?

What material is Ultraboost made of?

There is a broader history behind the introduction of boost technology and the material Ultraboost is made from, in Adidas boost sneakers. There is a German company named BASF that works on plastics and rubber technology. They kept practicing to make a new rubber material.

Later on, they worked and developed boost technology in 2007. Considering What material is Ultraboost made of? This technology was used in Adidas sneakers when they made a partnership with BASF. The response was with boost technology was out of expectation.

It was the time when Adidas set new records for sale with boost sneakers. Later, the technology kept upgrading, and the boost material was upgraded to Ultra boost Originally, boosts are made of thermoplastic urethane.

The latter one, Adidas, announced that they are working material Ultraboost is made from on energy preserving sole. The TPU is then processed to make tiny energy-storing capsules. These capsules or granules were then combined together to make Ultraboost. These sneakers took Adidas sneakers to another level. The material Ultraboost is made from were shock absorbing and prevented athletes from headaches while running.

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