What is the most expensive Air Jordan 1?


What is the most expensive Air Jordan 1 ? well! Before being the brand, the value-gaining sneakers were started. It’s not about today’s discourse but the past. Jordan 1s is the sneaker that contributed to making the sneaker industry so much popular.

The sneaker got many reforms and colorways, which are being resold today. There is no single pair to be counted as expensive. Really Hard to say that which one is the most expensive Air Jordan 1? But the most of all was the Jordan 1 Chicago 1985 colorway. It is one of those colorways which are worn mainly by Michael Jordan in his first season.

The shoe was resold at 18000$, and the price is taken according to the StockX reselling article. They claimed that the shoe continued to be resold at a greater cost. Besides this model, many pairs were sold at a great price of 56000$ in an auction.

But these sneakers were only sold at auction and were aimed for funding and other purposes. To the consent of real market value, the Chicago colorway is the only one to hit the highest in pricing.

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