What happened for Marc Jacobs with LVMH?

What happened for Marc Jacobs with LVMH?

What happened for Marc Jacobs with LVMH? Like Dior, which once stood on the edge of being sold out and was really sold, Marc Jacobs is facing something similar. As it also has patents to LVMH, the company is bothered about the revival of Marc Jacob.

Doing so, they discontinued the marc by Marc Jacob. Even then, the brand is cutting down on its revenue and now stands at about 300 million dollars. This line Marc comprised around 80% revenue of the brand but still failed to meet growing sales.

What happened for Marc Jacobs with LVMH? This all started when the line continued position changing and fashion line restructuring. MarcJacobs remained under the red line as the CEOs and other positions were unstable. The LVMH brand owner was declaring that he won’t be selling it yet, practicing to attain half a stock like Michael Kors.

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