What grade of titanium does Citizen use?

What grade of titanium does Citizen use?

What grade of titanium does Citizen use? Super TitaniumTM is manufactured by hardening solid titanium with our patented surface-hardening technology, Duratect. However, there is a requirement that perhaps the titanium (or titanium alloy) is of sufficiently high quality (grade 5 titanium). The most common grades of titanium used in timepieces are Grade 2 and Grade 5. Grade 2 titanium is “commercially pure” and provides lightweight watches. An excellent purchase is indeed a Citizen titanium watch.

Talking about What grade of titanium does Citizen use? 99.6% pure titanium makes up the case, which is grey and unpolished. Super TitaniumTM, a CITIZEN-exclusive material that is absolutely gorgeous, scratch resistant, light, and delicate on the skin, is utilized to make it. The citizen Titanium watch has a titanium case, a leather strap, or a titanium wristband. Despite being incredibly light, titanium is a very stylish material.

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