What does PRX stand for Tissot?

What does PRX stand for Tissot?

What does PRX stand for Tissot? In the late 1970s, Tissot debuted an iconic piece with a bracelet and an incorporated case. The collection stands out for its slimness, the power of its design, and its classic aesthetic.

PRX is the acronym for Precision, Robust, and Roman Numeral “X” denotes the 100m or 10 atmospheres of depth to which the watch can withstand water pressure. Their well-liked release from the late 1970s has been updated for the present day, spawning a lineup of quartz, automatic, and automatic chronograph alternatives. The tissot prx 40 205 is a reference that pays homage to the original version.

What does PRX stand for Tissot? It keeps all of the fundamental qualities and enhances, confirms, and provides them with a better finish with perfect quality.

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