What does Jean Paul cologne smell like?

What does Jean Paul cologne smell like?

What does Jean Paul cologne smell like? Nobody can finish the list without mentioning jean Paul cologne when it comes to buying strong silage cologne. The original jean Paul Gaultier cologne was marketed intensely for its creative packaging.

Imagine buying a teen looking like a drink, and then it opens with perfume! This is what scene in jean Paul cologne. The cologne, other than the packaging, was solid and long-lasting.

The opening of the cologne is fresh with notes of lavender, bergamot and mint. The top notes then faint-to-heart notes of orange blossom, cinnamon and cumin. A warm base completes the cologne with vanilla, tonka bean, cedar, and sandalwood notes.

Jean Paul cologne smells exciting as well as sensual. The opening is strong and can leave a mark for many minutes. This seductive scent is better to use in spring and autumn, with a bold aroma that makes it an occasional fragrance.

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