What does Guerlain Shalimar smell like?

What does Guerlain Shalimar smell like?

What does Guerlain Shalimar smell like? Guerlain is among the most famous perfumers who created perfumes for royals and common people. He was a French perfumer whose scent amazed everyone with its effects on the smeller.

One of his masterpieces is Shalimar perfume. It was launched in 1990. The true inspiration behind the perfume was the love of Mughal emperor Shah Jahan and his wife, Mumtaz. The scent was named behind the favourite gardens of Mumtaz name Shalimar.

What does Guerlain Shalimar smell like? There are different scents released in Shalimar perfume. The two famous one is floral and citrus. The floral scent is comprised chiefly of different flowers, making it a bold perfume. The citrus perfume contains orange blossom, lemon and mandarin touches.

The Shalimar perfume smells like a velvety smoke scent with some seductive accent of citrus and spicy woody fragrances. While the floral one smells like a bouquet of flowers opened to one’s nose.

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