What are Jordan’s favorite Jordans?

What are Jordan's favorite Jordans?

It is not a bigger deal that everyone wishes to follow his icon either in sports, social or spiritual life. We always strive to know each and everything about their life and how we can do the same way.  This is what was asked of Jordan in an interview. What are Jordan’s favorite Jordans? He was baffled but replied beautifully. He said it’s more like ranking among our own children as to which is dearer. But making the answer worthy, Jordan said XI!

It was the first on his favorite list, as the shoe was also iconic. The Jordan 11 was the silhouette that continued the race of od signature class.Talking about What are Jordan’s favorite Jordans? Basically, when Jordan announced its retirement from the NBA, Nike considered stopping the Jordan signature line with Jordan 10.

But once the legend geared up in 1995 for his match, the most appealing silhouette covered the fairy feet! Magically packed efforts helped Michael Jordan win the game. So, this was how the Jordan 11 got a legacy and remained a favorite of Michael Jordan.

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