Viktor & Rolf Good Fortune Mini Replica

Viktor & Rolf Good Fortune Mini Replica

Viktor & Rolf Good Fortune Mini Replica, The light floral scent of Viktor and Rolf is both long-lasting and ideal for daytime wear. It smells like roses with a hint of musk; it’s very pretty. The warm blend of jasmine and bourbon vanilla in the Viktor & Rolf Good Fortune fragrance is just as calming and beautiful.

Viktor & Rolf Good Fortune Mini Replica, Good Fortune is a vegan fragrance that does not contain animal products, keeping with its core beliefs and Viktor & Rolf’s long-term commitment to environmental responsibility. The potent combination of creamy vanilla and velvety white florals makes up Good Fortune. But first, the surprising yet utterly alluring top notes of fennel and gentian flower produce a floral sweetness with a faint powdery undertone; the fennel has a delectable licorice quality. 15% recycled glass was used in the manufacture of the bottle.

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