Serge lutens l’orpheline review

Serge lutens l'orpheline review

Serge lutens l’orpheline review, Have you ever smelled something showcasing two faces? What if I offer you a fragrance that starts from warmness and coldness to sweetness and spice? Obviously, it is going to be mysterious and commendable to wear such perfume.

Here we go with warm and cold-smelling perfume from Serge Lutens. The L’opheline is created with the prettiest concept behind the smell. It’s basically about an orphan child waking up in a foggy forest autumn.

Serge lutens l’orpheline review, The opening of the perfume blasts the lavender with aldehydic elements. The lavender is not that sharp but floral with the freshness of mint and the warmness of clove. So here, you will smell something floral and touch foggy cold, which later showcases the wooden house’s warmness.

The heart notes then appear, which smell sweet and denser with patchouli and musky combination. The patchouli here is a spicy, earthy aroma that is added to sweet muskiness. The aldehydes here also make it powdery and moisturizing instead of a quick dry down.

Serge lutens l’orpheline review, The perfume is simple in composition but smells metallic and synthetic. Many found their nose hurting with sharp accents of lavender. The patchouli is not much noticeable; instead something powdery. According to my experience, this is an average perfume that is suitable for men wearing. As women usually wear sweet and appealing perfumes, this could be a bit harsh for them.

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