Penhaligon’s perfumes and colognes history

Penhaligon perfumes

Penhaligon’s perfumes and colognes history, the story of Penhaligon perfume house started in 1869 when he moved to London with his family. The first shop was set on Jermyn Street. From perfuming shah or Iran to Queen Victoria, William henry Penhaligon earned an excellent reputation.

Like many other barbers of that time, he decided to create his perfume named Hammam bouquet. It was created in 1872, and the inspiration was the Turkish Bath. After the death of henry, his business was inherited by jr Penhaligon, who properly started making sealed scents and perfume oils in 1975.

Penhaligon’s perfumes and colognes history, From the late 90s, Penhaligon house worked on anthology collections, bluebell and other night fragrances. They also introduced men colognes from 2001 to 2003 named Quercus. From that time, the brand introduced many fragrances for trade lines, politicians and common people.

These perfumes were created by a traditional method which was later changed to laboratory methods. The fascinating thing about Penhaligon perfumes was the bottle shapes.

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