Nike Dunk Low Retro Red Swoosh Panda

Nike Dunk Low Retro Red Swoosh Panda

Nike Dunk Low Retro Red Swoosh Panda, There is nothing new introduced in Nike dunks except the alteration of people’s minds toward a sneaker. The dunks are continuously releasing with different touches of color hints rotated on the sole.

This time, you got panda dunks with hints of red swooshes as told in the name. The sneaker is released in a plain white leather upper. There we see overlays of black color and red swooshes.

Talking about Nike Dunk Low Retro Red Swoosh Panda, The red hints could be seen on the nylon tongue tag of Nike and the heel patch with the Nike logo. The whole typology adds to a white midsole that is later mounted over a black rubber outsole. Covering space in recent releases, the dunk low retro red swoosh panda was released in October 2022 at the retail price of 110$.

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