kayali perfume different types

kayali perfume different types

kayali perfume different types, Kayali is a luxurious fragrance brand that started in 2018. Within this shortage, the brand travelled so far that it had become a favourite line of juicy scents, with 3.9 million people always noticing a single release.

Kayali perfume brand is founded by Mona and Huda. Mona named it Kayali, as it means imagination in Arabic. Her inspiration behind her name was creating such fragrances that appeal to everyone. Following are the primary perfume scents of Kayali; Citrus 08: it’s a summer fragrance with freshness and fruity citrus notes, Musk 12: a combo of woody and floral accords that smell powdery and soapy. Déjà vu white flower 57: a warm floral scent designed for feminine beauty. Invite only amber 23: an addictive and sensual scent that smells bolder.

kayali perfume different types, Eden Juice apple 01: a creamy combo with a juicy scent. Utopia Vanilla coco21: a sweet scent with a beach story.  Elixir 11: a floral perfume with sexy and loud notes. Vanilla 28: white floral with a sweet smell. Sweet diamond pink pepper 25 intense: it’s a shocking floral woody scent, but floral notes on intense.

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