Jordan 1 Blue Variety

Jordan 1 Blue Variety

The base-setting sneaker for Air Jordan was Jordan 1s. These sneakers were more than just the signatures of Michael Jordan. Jordan 1 Blue Variety, the design and durability of sneakers make the most in the sneaker market.

This is why it kept on producing from 1985 to 2022. During the years, there were many varieties introduced in different color sets. These colorways doubled the hype and got on the minds of sneaker fanatics.

However, the design of the Air Jordan 1 was kept similar with minor variations. But the colorways were impacting the base and the overlays, just like Air Jordan 1 Royal Blue, which got the bottom of black with overlays of blue.

Most of the blue color variety in Jordan 1 came in high models of sneakers. There are some designs like Royal Blue, Dark Powder Blue, white/blue, metallic blue, and many more. All these colorways have different style codes, which can be obtained by searching on the internet.

The blue variety in Jordan 1 is limited and primarily seen in high profile. If you are looking for a low, getting one might be challenging.

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