Is Viktor and Rolf Flowerbomb discontinued?

Is Viktor and Rolf Flowerbomb discontinued?

Is Viktor and Rolf Flowerbomb discontinued? Viktor and Rolf were two friends who dreamed of a flowerbomb. Like many product ambitions and aims, these two guys want to break the typical intentions of perfume making.

Is flowerbomb discontinued? Their idea came to shape by crafting something blasting with floral scents, balanced by the addictive essence. The resulting perfume was a flowerbomb. This fragrance was first launched in 2005 as eau de toilette for women.

Is Viktor and Rolf Flowerbomb discontinued? The fragrance became so appealing that it was ranked the 13th-best amber floral fragrance. Like their vision, the perfume made them break records in sales and ranking. The success story caused the creation of different editions of the flowerbomb scent. So talking about Is flowerbomb discontinued? But unfortunately, the original scent is not available now. It is said that the original perfume was discontinued for some changes in it. The newer version is reformulated with chemical changes in it.

Is Viktor and Rolf Flowerbomb discontinued? Thanks to the dossier, who made many replicas smelling the same as the branded fragrances. You can get a similar scent, usually named flowerbomb perfume It is cheaper, most identical and is widely available on the website.

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