Is the Moonswatch a speedmaster?

Is the Moonswatch a speedmaster?

Is the MoonSwatch a Speedmaster? Omega’s $6,400 Speedmaster Professional timepiece, renowned as the Moonwatch for its involvement in NASA’s Apollo space programme, is combined for $260 with Swatch’s vibrant bioceramic, a custom blend of ceramic as well as what the manufacturer refers to as bio-sourced plastic. The “Moonwatch,” also known as the Omega-Swatch Speedmaster, is among the most coveted, collectible, and talked-about watch designs .

Is the Moonswatch a speedmaster? The swatch x omega features eleven variations. Each of the eleven colorways in the MoonSwatch collection represents a planetary object. Missions have been launched to the Moon, Mars, Saturn, Mercury, and so on. The watches, which are a part of Swatch’s bioceramic range, are a blend of two thirds ceramic and one third castor oil-based substance. In addition, the asymmetrical casing, tachymeter scale, and unique layout are all essential aspects of the “Moonwatch” style. Each watch has a Velcro strap that can be used with a spacesuit.

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