Is Nike Still Manufacturing Dunk?

Is Nike still manufacturing Dunk

Is Nike Still Manufacturing Dunk? Nike released limited pairs of SB DUNK. The hype continued to increase, which made even the general shoe challenging to buy for the public. The demand has increased tremendously; it’s hard to find SB DUNK easily at the market or online stores.

Hype for Nike’s Dunk silhouette was initiated in 2019 and is arguably at its height now. Nike has coated hundreds of Dunk drops on its SNKRS app to maintain its reputation and even subjected the version to a moderate lottery-based draw. Nevertheless, clients are hungry to buy, and Nike still manufacturing dunks until the market is satiated — or possibly, overfed.

DUNK is the favorite public brand, and people are willing to buy even at a higher price. Nike continues its manufacturing process and is ready to release new stock into the market.  Nike silhouette limits selling DUNK but never quit its production.

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