Is Marc Jacobs Daisy perfume or toilette?

Is Marc Jacobs Daisy perfume or toilette?

Is Marc Jacobs Daisy perfume or toilette? Daisy has been haunting my mind since its release. It’s the only perfume that has proven to be my better gift (I’m not the best at buying gifts). Well, that is because of its floral muddy musk scent and longevity without causing migraine.

The perfume is created with chemicals to avoid allergies and other issues. Being light on the nose, it won’t cause any issues even while traveling. The perfumer who created it is Alberto Morillas. Coming toward its category, the original daisy was a perfume.

But today, there are many daisies Marc Jacobs perfume variants like daisy love and daisy fresh, which are eau de toilette. Which means they could be used right after bathing for fresher skin. There is no more significant difference between the two except the lasting power.

The eau de toilette has a lesser perfume oil concentration as compared to perfume. This is why it lasts only for 3 to 4 hours. While a daisy perfume can last up to 6 hours or more.

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