Is it expensive to service a Rolex?

Is it expensive to service a Rolex?

Is it expensive to service a Rolex? A Rolex service costs around $800. A typical Rolex overhaul costs between $600 and $1000, depending on the model, condition, and type of service required. When it comes to the cost of Rolex maintenance, many factors come into play. If you have yacht master 40, then the cost of the servicing is worth it. All watch collection lovers go for the Yacht-Master series if they want a precious accessory in their closet. These watches run a lifetime and remain classy and stylish forever.

Is it expensive to service a Rolex? Rolex recommends that owners service their watches at least once every ten years to ensure optimal performance. With ever-improving materials and advanced composites, a modern Rolex should last several lifetimes if proper care is taken. A Rolex watch can last a lifetime if properly maintained.

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