Is Daisy Love a winter perfume?

Is Daisy Love a winter perfume?

Is Daisy Love a winter perfume? Have you ever visited your friend’s hostel room and smelled something natural and airy? That might be the daisy love in the air. Every 4th woman and girl has fallen in love with daisy by Marc Jacobs.
This is all because of the long-duration floral and sweet smell it leaves behind. This is the only perfume that covers the room and doesn’t even cause a headache.

The daisy love is a successor variant and is not a perfume! It’s eau de toilette spray which is used after bathing. This scent was designed to be used as a spring or summer spray. The scent smells sweet and lightly floral, adding freshness and mood appealing to your personality.

Is Daisy Love a winter perfume? You can make it straightforward for the next time by reading the description of the perfume or by reading on the box. All the daisy perfume got clearly mention if they are toilette or perfume. This one could be used for winter but is designed to meet summer and spring needs. Winter would increase the longevity of the perfume scent.

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