Is Armani Code for men or woman?

Is Armani Code for men or woman?

Is Armani Code for men or woman? Fragrances are sometimes more confusing than buying a tech gadget. How many times have you visited a fragrance store and tried smelling sweet scents without knowing the gender? Mostly, we all get fooled by buying such scents, which are for women, but it triggers our likeness as well.

Is Armani Code for men or woman? This is why I believe that fragrances are not gender biased. But in the case of seductive scents, you must be careful of your purchase. Armani code is one of such scents that is worn by men and is seductive. It smells sexier and feels like diving inside it.

Is Armani Code for men or woman? However, Giorgio Armani has launched a female scent in the Armani code. The upper mentioned is a cologne, and this one is perfume. Thus, you won’t be confused about the two. The Armani code perfume is fruity but more feminine and complements your beauty with warm sandalwood.

Both the cologne and perfume are available in the market and on the official website. Thus, be careful to read if it is cologne or perfume, as both have the same name.

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