Is Air Force1 used for running?

Is Air Force1 used for running?

Usually, people mix up running, trainers, and casual sneakers. The different models have different purposes. Just like the Air Force ones, which were the fashion sneakers. Is Air Force1 used for running? People found the Air Force 1 to be a crucial part of their fashion gallery. However, as it is a basketball sneaker, they also think of it for running or other activities.

Though the construction of the Air Force 1 is fine, it is still not recommended as the best one for running. So talking about whether Air Force1 used for running or not, People who have running routines usually wear sneakers with lighter weight, flexibility, and air perforations. As Air Force 1 is not designed that way. It weighs approximately 16 pounds, which is double the actual running shoes.

People with running habits know that a heavier sneaker can slow down the speed. Also, the construction of Air Force1 is thick and non-flexible. Considering Is Air Force1 used for running? For smoother running, a sneaker should flex with the feet. And this is what you can’t get with the Air Force 1. Therefore, No Air Force 1 is not used for long-distance activities.

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