How often should I get TAG Heuer service?

How often should I get TAG Heuer service?

How often should I get TAG Heuer service? One of its most attractive features is an automatic mechanical watch requiring physical contact with its owner to work smoothly.

When you wear the watch, the weighted rotor oscillates in time with your arm motions, allowing the mainspring to maintain its tension and supply the constant energy needed for your watch to function at its best.

When properly wound, our watches’ power reserves can last between 40 and 70 hours of operation without being worn.

Talking about How often should I get TAG Heuer service? The repair service of the tag Heuer watches for men depends on how the watch is stored and how frequently its owner wears it. Typically every five to six years, or as soon as a fault symptom, TAG Heuer watches should be updated.

Every two years watches worn in water should have their water resistance examined because the sealing gaskets deteriorate and age with time. Each gasket is disassembled, cleaned, and replaced to ensure that moisture does not affect the movement.

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