How much is a pair of Yeezy 450?

How much is a pair of Yeezy 450?

2022 is the year of many amazing sneaker models. There are beyond imagination designs and colorways that are the best of each other. But the one who got much hype this year is from Yeezy. Yes, we are talking about the most selling pair of yeezy, which is the Yeezy 450. This model was simple but still, maintain a high rank in sneaker heads. This model introduces many colorways, but Yeezy 450 dark slate is my favorite.

The original design is identical in all colorways. The simplicity goes from a cloth or prime knit upper, which got elastic on the heel box. The outsides get covered with foam soles. The color throughout the sneaker is black or dark slate.

This simple yet appealing design seems like a black fire that catches your feet. How much is a pair of Yeezy 450? The model was released in June 2022 at the retail price of 200$. But now it is reselling at varying prices from 300$ to 450$.

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