How many TPD does a Rolex watch need?

How many TPD does a Rolex watch need?

How many TPD does a Rolex watch need? There should be a minimum number of turns every day in order to maintain a watch wound completely. As with winders, this will differ from watch to watch. A Rolex mens watch normally requires 650 TPD (turns per day) in order to keep its winding at 100% throughout the day. Since the majority of contemporary watches usually require 750 TPD, this value is thought to be the norm for watch winders.

Rolex watches are indeed very simple to wind improperly if the watch winder hasn’t been configured correctly, but if you wind the watch manually initially and then put it in the winder, The winder will take over to retrieve the watch and put it back where it belongs. Ensure that you always follow the company’s instructions for the number of turns each day and the winding direction.

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