How long does YSL Y parfum last?

How long does YSL Y parfum last?

How long does YSL Y parfum last? With a more prominent brand name, the expectations also go bigger. That’s the natural thing about buying from a luxury brand. And these expectations could be kept by going with Yves Saint Laurent perfume.

Signifying the citrus fruit with balance in apple notes, here we got hands-on YSL Y perfume. The original one was the market dominator, but the newer one is even better than the previous one. The perfume opens with bergamot and a spice of ginger that makes the triangle of perfect scent with apple notes.

How long does YSL Y parfum last? The heart notes contain tonka bean, amber, and juniper berry, but the tonka bean scent is kept lower. The quality of this composition makes it a balanced option for those who want Amberwood in scent.

When it comes to perfume’s longevity, this edition has left behind the original one and many other perfumes. Considering the market competition, the fragrance is ranking at the top with a lasting power of up to 11 hours.

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