How do I set my G-Shock to dual time?

How do I set my G-Shock to dual time?

How do I set my G-Shock to dual time? It’s crucial to comprehend all the features of your Casio watch before understanding how to set the time on Casio g shock watches. Dual Time enables you to set the time in a different time zone in addition to the time in your present location. Navigate the watch module to the Dual Time Mode and press and hold (A) for at least two seconds. The hourly numbers flash as a result. You can adjust the hour setting by using (E) and (B). Press (D). The minutes’ digits flash as a result of this. To set the minute setting, use (E) and (B). The setting is adjustable in 15-minute steps.

Talking about How do I set my G-Shock to dual time? To finish the setting operation, press (A). Follow the given instructions for a detailed manual. The watch face should start blinking after about three seconds of holding down the adjustment button. A few presses on the mode button will cause the seconds’ numbers to flash. Once you’ve reached the value where your second digits should be, press either the forward or reverse button.

Considering How do I set my G-Shock to dual time? Repeat the above procedure as necessary to modify the minute and hour digits so that they show the appropriate values. Press the mode button until you find this option to configure the flashing settings on your G-Shock watch. To find the configuration you want, use the forward or back buttons to cycle through the available options.

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