How did Richard Mille get popular?

How did Richard Mille get popular?

What if I ask you how often you buy a watch made of titanium? Have you ever heard of NTPT material in watches? If not, a simple answer to your question is material. How did Richard Mille get popular? The thing which proved game-changing was the concept of mille in material usage. He utilized carbon combinations in NTPT and other yacht-making materials to give a more distinctive notion to his watches.

The second thing was wear and tear to prove accuracy. Richard first went to retailers proving that he had something more appealing.  Guess how he proved the quality of his watches ? He threw his own FM-001 on the ground, and surprisingly nothing was damaged!

Other than that, demand is something that makes it popular. How did Richard Mille get popular? No matter if it is about humans or machinery, demand and popularity go side by side. The company only releases 5000 pieces, but the demand in the market is around 1 lakh pieces at least. Other than that, there are factors like quality control and some core concepts making Richard Mille popular in no time.

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