Does Gucci use real bamboo?

Does Gucci use real bamboo?

In spring 2015, Gucci unveiled its brand-new fragrance, gucci bamboo, which takes inspiration from its existing line of accessories. Evidently, the scent exudes confidence and femininity. It is made for contemporary ladies with complex personalities; the fragrance is at once powerful, graceful, and soft.

The brand’s Bamboo bags (and other bamboo accessories, including jewelry, eyewear, and shoes) are reportedly the inspiration for Gucci’s new Bamboo fragrance, which is a woody floral. It does not smell like bamboo. Even though this fragrance doesn’t contain any bamboo, the bottle design does.

Although bamboo isn’t a note in the fragrance, the way the other notes have been used to create the bamboo illusion gives it a distinct bamboo presence, much like Calvin Klein’s “Truth” for women, which has a real, noticeable bamboo note. Gucci resembles that bamboo note more like a dried version.

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