Do I need a watch winder for my OMEGA?

Do I need a watch winder for my OMEGA?

A watch winder is an essential investment for any Omega watch owner. In addition to keeping your watch running, a good winder will guard it against unneeded deterioration. A single-watch winder is sufficient if you just own one or two watches. A multi-watch winder, however, may be something you want to acquire if you possess an assortment of Omega timepieces.

For the considerable number of Omega timepieces that are required to be wound bi-directionally and between 650 and 800 TPD, for example, the 700 TPD omega moonwatch Co-Axial Moonphase. If a watch winder has a little bit more TPD than is advised for your watch, don’t worry about it. Each automatic watch has over-winding resistance built into it to prevent damage. Any additional rotations per day produced by the watch winder after the watch is completely wound will not be taken into account.

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