Difference in pink and black bottle of Narciso?

Difference in pink and black bottle of Narciso?

Difference in pink and black bottle of Narciso? One of the brand’s two lines of fragrances for women is Narciso Rodriguez For Her. The series is packaged in sleek, straightforward rectangular bottles that come in a variety of neutral tones. The underlying musky undertone is present in every fragrance in the narciso rodriguez for her collection.

Musk is the major component, and it emanates a distinct scent. These two are different since the black one is an eau de toilette and the pink one is an eau de parfum with specific ingredients. The second ingredient in the black bottle, which also has musk as its primary ingredient, is white floral, whereas the second ingredient in the pink bottle is roses. The musk and a strong rose note combine beautifully to give the fragrance a delicate floral touch.

Difference in pink and black bottle of Narciso? A new top note of peach is introduced, but it isn’t the main component of the fragrance. The black bottle of the Narciso Rodriguez For Her Eau de Toilette is offered in a pink box, and the pink bottle of the brand’s eau de parfum is packaged in a black box. It’s simple to choose the incorrect item off the shelf, so choose carefully.

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