Difference in a Seiko turtle and king turtle?

Difference in a Seiko turtle and king turtle?

Difference in a Seiko turtle and king turtle? Divers and athletes usually focus on sturdiness and accuracy. The design is not that much considered. But even after that, these people have their first decision of going with a Seiko watch.

The Seiko turtle line is one of the best watches used for divers. These watches were designed to meet the sturdiness along with beautiful addition to one’s personality. The watch got its name from the shape of the case, which is much identical to the turtle shell.

The original turtle was launched in 1976 and then discontinued in 2016. The newer version got the name of Seiko king turtle, which is nothing different but some upgrading in the old watches.

Some significant differences are using sapphire crystal and ceramic attachments. The more significant change is changing the watch’s movement, which is R436. Further, the jewel rating is upgraded, and more delicate bracelets are attached. The rest carries the same design as used in the 1976 turtle series.

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