Can you Overwind a Seiko presage?

Can you Overwind a Seiko presage?

Can you Overwind a Seiko presage? Seiko’s presage has a manual winding mechanism and is a self-wound watch. The watch’s mainspring winds while worn on the wrist because of the movement of the wearer’s arm.

It would be best if you considered manual winding of the mainspring by twisting the crown while using a stopped watch for the first time. Here is the guide you should follow to overwind seiko’s presage.

self-winding Seiko guide

After three to five days of continuous wear for twelve hours daily, the watch’s mainspring is entirely wound.

Manual winding:
You can wind the watch for a reasonable 10 hours by turning the crown five times.

Power reserve signal:

The design of this watch prevents the mainspring from being overwound.
The mainspring won’t continue to wind up even if you crank the crown after it has fully wound.

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