Brazilian Crush Cheirosa ’62 review

Brazilian Crush Cheirosa '62 review

Brazilian Crush Cheirosa ’62 review, Some of the most hyped beach perfumes include Brazilian crush cheirosa 62 by sol de Janeiro. Well, if I give a short conclusion, then it’s overhyped!

The fragrance is warm and sweet with floral accords. There are limited notes like the top notes are almond and pistachio that fades to heart notes of jasmine and heliotrope. The base notes are caramel, salt, vanilla and sandalwood.

Brazilian Crush Cheirosa ’62 review, The key smelling notes are caramel sweetness and floral accords. At first, the projection is mild and doesn’t go longer. Top notes after spraying will haunt your nose but soon fade away to smell floral and sweet.

For many, it’s just a sweet smell, but some consider it a mild floral, sweet fragrance for afternoon wearing. Coming to the lasting power, it would smell for 4 hours or might be 6 when applied with moisturizer.

It’s a low-cost perfume, and with this price, it could be a good purchase for a vacation to the beach.

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