Are Yeezys suitable for squats?

Are Yeezys suitable for squats? adidas yeezy 700 sneakers

Are Yeezys suitable for squats? Squats are the most kick-ass exercise everyone avoids; obviously, the day got f**g leg breaker! But for me, it’s a special day with no treatment for my upper body.

Well, when it comes to the footwear choice for squats, then I prefer to choose flat sneakers. As if you look at the mechanism of feet while squatting, you need to bear a lot of weight on your heels and toes. Thus, a flat and more balanced pair would be best.

But if you are doing some everyday yeezys are suitable for squats or casual lifting routines, still Adidas Yeezy 700 are best among others. Even in this line, I recommend not going with the boost.

As the boost midsole would keep flexing, avoiding you for a firmer grip on the ground. So, if you are squat freaky like me, avoid the Yeezy, buddy! They will make you injured, especially the soles that are not flat or with a boost.

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