Are Nike Dunk Low Unisex?

Are Nike Dunk low Unisex

is Are Nike Dunk Low Unisex? Nike Nike Dunk low are unisex. Although Nike releases shoes for both genders, they are so much identical. You could barely distinguish between dunk releases for men and women separately. 

Dunk was first designed specifically for men. Women criticize and suggest having dunks for women as well. Dunk is famous for both genders, and many want to wear it as a style statement.

Despite this fact, Nike assembles dunks for women as well. Dunk low is being used as unisex. The design and shoe structure allow both genders to use. You should consider buying a dunk for women in the shoe size. Women’s size is 1.5 wider than men’s. So remember this fact before purchasing a Dunk for women.

Nike Dunk Low
Nike Dunk Low
Nike Dunk Low
Nike Dunk Low
Nike Dunk Low
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