Are Kyrie 3 Low good for wide feet?

Are Kyrie 3 Low good for wide feet? The Kyrie Low 3’s traction uses the same design as the previous version and performs excellently. The bite is excellent on dust-free courts and fair on dirty ones. Nike also recycled the Kyrie Low 2’s cushion structure, which is lackluster. The two Zoom units offer a lot of ground feel and quickness despite not being very comfortable or bouncy.

Compared to the Kyrie Low 2, the materials in kyrie 3 are better for comfort and confinement. The fit is snug and narrow, like other Kyrie models. Before purchasing, it is essential to try these on.

If you are looking at kyrie 3 for wide feet, you should reconsider your decision because it’s not a good fit for wide feet. To avoid uncertainty, I suggest you go to a skate shop and choose kyrie 3 according to your feet size. The support is excellent and has all the elements required to feel confined.

Kyrie 3 sneakers
Nike Kyrie 3 Sneakers

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