Are Citizen Eco-Drive watches accurate?

Are Citizen Eco-Drive watches accurate?

Are Citizen Eco-Drive watches accurate? With a deviation of under one second per year, this watch guarantees to tell the time. Furthermore, to express every one of the moments with genuine purity and beauty. In this CITIZEN technology crystallization, the citizen dive watch comes with an improved component of the watch. It comes with an annual precision of 1 second.

Are Citizen Eco-Drive watches accurate? A typical quartz movement is precise to about 15 seconds for each month, or approximately 3 minutes annually. Promaster Sea allows you to dive deeper with Citizen Dive watches. These are the diver’s watch of choice. Wear a Promaster Dive watch to the greatest depths. The Eco-Drive movement, which is solar-powered, unlike the majority of other quartz watches, works amazingly well.

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