Are Air Force Ones still popular?

Are Air Force Ones still popular?

Are Air Force Ones still popular? Talking about my personal experience regarding the sneaker industry, every retro from OG gets popularity as it was tracing to history with new colorways. But some sneakers stay on the chart throughout the timespan.

This is what happened with air force 1. From the day it was released till today, the hype for this sneaker is not getting down. The reason behind the hype is not only the design of the sneakers. Though the design is getting on minds due to more options, there are many reasons behind its popularity.

Starting with the inner features of this model, it was too adoptive in the low profile that it was looking “cool” and in-trend with jeans as well as other outfits. Despite the styling, the shoe gets on people’s minds with its comfort and longevity.

Other than the all-black and all-white models, the other colorways make these sneakers never-ending fashion. So, for people always worried about being in-trend, air force ones are still popular today.

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